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Why Join the CAFC?
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Since 1909, the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) united fire service leaders, associates and their provincial and national level affiliate organizations.  Joining the CAFC is the best way to build a strong national fire service and have a voice both inside the CAFC and the fire service.



The Benefits of CAFC Individual (voting) or Affiliate (Non Voting) Membership

There are lots of benefits to joining the CAFC but we can summarize them as follows: 



 Operating Plan 2020


    Access to the Executive Chief Fire Officer (ECFO) Program and its accompanying Aspire program/or Maintenance of Certification    

Webinar Wednesdays

Topics on Fire


Draft operating plan 2020 contains a detailed description of the projects, policy areas, partnerships and committees that will be our focus and to which all members can participate in. Members can provide comment until December 31, 2019. Click here to view the Operating Plan 2020!





The ECFO program is a certification for Chief Fire Officers that exhibit competencies that are valued and recognized across all parts of the country. Click here for more information and to register. Along with the ECFO program is its Aspire program, great to new Chief Officers and company officers who want to challenge their knowledge and experience. Click here for more information.



Over time, the CAFC welcomes diverse and talented individuals to speak on a number of subjects ranging from Water Rescue to Mental Health. These webinars are recorded live to entertain real time questions and answers and are made available to all members afterwards. Click here to check the library.




 CAFC Update



 Fire Press Friday Everyday



 Canadian Fire Chief Magazine


Each month, the CAFC prepares a monthly newsletter that contains information, updates and occasionally funding opportunities both from within the CAFC as well as from various federal departments and partners.




Every week the CAFC receives daily clippings from its Meltwater Clipping Service. CAFC members receive a daily digest the stories, on topics such as Mental Health, wildfire, Fire Policy, and much more!. Click here to view past issues of Fire Press Fridays.



The Canadian Fire Chief Magazine serves as a source  of national and federal policy stories as well as updates. Click here to view past issues.





 CAFC Directory

October 2020


Policy shaping through committees



Revised Red Book and

Revised Policy Manual

(In development during 2020)

Once the year's membership is solidified for the most part, the CAFC produces a printed directory with members names, addresses and email contact information. Members can also consult past issues of the Directory here.


  An opportunity to network and shape policy, the CAFC looks to address issues that are shared across the country. Let CAFC committees be your resources on issues from HUSAR to Interoperability, Rail Safety to HASMAT, Diversity and Inclusion to Mental Health and others.  

Particularly for departments that may not have resources to acquire and maintain resources, the Red Book provides and easy to use reference on various issues. The Policy Manual summarizes the CAFC's asks of the federal government and key messages.



 Redefining Fire Report


 Mental and Physical Health Monday



Discounts to the Personal Insurance


Every fire department struggles with explaining its constantly expanding mandate to communities and councils who may not be as versed in the role of fire departments. Click here to view the report.




Article, development, practice, or program related to a resource, program or information that can help you and your department in this area.





The Personal Insurance offers members, as well as members of your departments', discounts on insurance products as part of your CAFC member benefits. Click here to learn more!



 Community access to the Duracell Power Forward Truck   Chief's Chatroom  

 Research Roster Access


Duracell's Power Forward truck is a unique emergency service vehicle that can supplement community resources during an emergency. Duracell can be reached through the CAFC website. Click here to learn more!






There are many ways to demonstrate accountability in complex situations. These may include consulting research but where research is not available, a good proxy can also be practices of like-minded organizations. In 2019 the CAFC developed a chatroom where member can pose their questions to fellow members for discussion. Click here to access the forum.


Do you have an issue that you would like to talk to a researcher about? CAFC is developing a list of Fire Friendly Researchers who can be called upon to assist you. Click here to learn more!






Access to data elements in the National Fire Information Database


 Virtually Fire Rescue Canada



 Fire Chief of the Year Awards


Building on the impressive work of the CAFC and CCFMFC in assembling 10 years-worth of data on incidents of fire, the NFID is being revised to allow for easy access by researchers submitting worthy applications and by all members (without application).

Click here to learn more!




Members receive full access to our virtual FRC 2020. Click here to learn more about what the conference will offer this year!





In 2019, the CAFC and Fire Underwriters Survey reviewed the Fire Chiefs of the Year Awards' program to better highlight the outstanding work of more members of our profession. One of the criteria includes membership in the Association signifying efforts at the national level. Click here to learn more, and here to view the 2019 recipients!



 Repository of Equipment needs



 Answer the Call Program



Modelling on excellent work done in Ontario, the CAFC will be working with members to prepare an inventory of equipment needs so we can build the case for philanthropic donations and a revised Joint Emergency Preparedness Program.




CAFC has revived Answer the Call Program to help all departments recruit volunteer firefighters into the next decade. CAFC is also partnering with various Provincial and territorial association to further develop the program across the country. Click here to access customizable resources.





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The Benefits of CAFC Business and Researcher Affiliate Memberships


CAFC Printed Directory

Attend CAFC webinars for free

Three issues of CAFC Magazine

Access the National Fire Information Database

Access to Best Practices Committee for advice

Save on Fire Rescue Canada Registration

CAFC Monthly e-Newsletter

CAFC Resources – Redbook etc.

Access to Fire Research Roster

Name recognition in Directory


Who Can Join?

CAFC has several membership categories with different benefits (above):


Individual (Voting) Members

The primary membership category is an individual member. Individual members are individuals who hold a management position in emergency services, provided that they do not hold active membership in any association or union that represents firefighters in collective bargaining. To register, please fill out the form, or click here to register online.  (Please scroll down for member benefits)


Cost per Year: $290 + tax


Women Fire Chiefs can also join the CAFC and the Women Fire Chiefs and Fire Officers Network (WFCN) Learn more about the WFCN.


Associate and Affiliate Members

Affiliate Company Officer:  Company officers who are interested in career development opportunities and who may be members of unions can join the CAFC as Affiliate Company Officers. Exposure to the culture, network, issues, and policy files is a key benefit of this membership. To register, please fill out the form, or click here to register online.


Cost per Year: $145+ tax


Woman Affiliate Company Officer:  Women company officers who are interested in career development opportunities and who may be members of unions can join the CAFC and be a part of the Women Fire Chiefs Network. Exposure to the culture, network, issues, and policy files is a key benefit of this membership.


Cost per Year: $145 + tax


Business Affiliate  Each year, the CAFC welcomes a limited number of business associate members. These are typically private-for-profit or not-for-profit companies that share in the interests of the CAFC. Business associates may include consultants and service, policy-makers, technology or equipment providers.  Business associates are entitled to the benefits shown for business associates in the chart on page 2 of the form. This does not replace or include the traditional sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities at Fire Rescue Canada, but it does allow business associates to become more aware of the work of the CAFC. To join, please fill out this form, and return to Anabel at


Cost per Year: $495 + tax


Retired AssociateFormer Individual Members who have now retired and who are not currently pursuing significant/full time consulting or industry related positions (such individuals should seek business associate status) but who wish to remain with and support the CAFC are welcomed as retired associates. Retired associates are invited to CAFC events, receive materials, and are called upon as mentors and advisors. To register, please fill out the form, or click here to register online.


Cost per Year: $65 + tax


Life and Honoree AssociateThe Life Associate status is conferred by the President to retired individual members who have served the CAFC with distinction for more than 10 years. The Honorary Associate status is conferred on any individual having served with distinction upon the recommendation of the Resolutions Committee and adoption by a majority vote of members at the Annual Meeting.


Cost per Year: N/A


NEW Research Affiliate: New this year, the CAFC welcomes a limited number of research affiliated memberships for individuals who are conducting or participating in research deemed relevant to fire sector by the CAFC. Research affiliates may be from any of the following categories tenured or non-tenured faculty members, post docs, and graduate students at Canadian Universities, Colleges and Research Hospitals/Institutes. Please note (1) research affiliate memberships are not voting memberships per our bylaws (2) Research affiliates are asked to join the Fire Research Roster (FR2) here which is also open to non-research member affiliates as part of membership application. For more details, please access the membership form. To apply, return your filled form to our Manager of Membership Services, Anabel Therrien at


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Mathematics of membership:


The CAFC membership for individual members is set at a price deliberately intended to ensure a return on investment for municipalities. Consider that our yearly membership of $290 for individual chiefs and $145 for company officers comes not only with the benefits above, but over $600 in savings when we consider the $200.00 Fire Rescue Canada discount for members and the $500 in savings for webinar costs. This is in addition to education, networking, advocacy, data and best practices.




If you have any questions about CAFC membership, please contact us: 


Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs - Membership Services

1 Rideau Street, Suite 700

Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7

Phone: 1-800-775-5189



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